ID Photos in Headscarf: New State Standard Coming Soon



RAMU “Umma” is happy to inform you that we just received a scanned copy of the second edition of a Draft new State Standard for capturing black-and-white and coloured images for ID purposes; the hard copy is to be delivered in the nearest days.

So, what does that mean? It means that the new Draft Standard had been developed and was later amended by both RAMU “Umma” and respective State authorities, and we have come to find the wording that is fine for everyone. The next step is sending to document for proof reading by the linguistic specialists, and then the process of adopting and publishing it. It is expected that the document takes effect within several months.

The new State Standard covers capturing pictures for any type of ID, which will prevent problems like you can have your picture with your headscarf on in one document, but can’t have the same picture in another document.

The current version covers taking pictures in headwear in Art.5.2.9, which reads: “The person photographed must have their head uncovered, not wearing headwear, cape and other accessories contributing to one’s personal style. The exception covers the cases when headwear, cape or accessory confirms one’s special status, and also for religious, medical or cultural purposes, where such things are a must as an integral part of one’s clothing. Still, even in that case the face must be uncovered from chin to forehead, and facial contours must be clearly visible. Such headwear, cape or accessories must not by any means alter (tighten, lift or strain) the shape of facial features (forehead, cheekbones, cheeks and chin), must not cover neither face nor chin, and it’s edge must be on the hairline [...], it can cover ears and neck”.

We understand the impatience of interested individuals, but the problem will soon (God willing) be solved. RAMU “Umma” will keep you informed on every following stage of the case.