Almost 16 Tonnes of Meat Donated by RAMU “Umma” Communities



Meat of 514 rams and 30 bulls (15,859 kg overall) was distributed on Eid al-Adha be RAMU “Umma” communities all over unoccupied territory of Ukraine. We thank Allah Almighty for giving us a chance to help many needy people, despite the crisis caused by the war and the pandemic!

Some communities, besides meat, managed to add some fruit to their Kurban packages - such was the case in Kyiv, for instance.

Those who were invited to pick their free meat package could also get some free literature on Islam and Islamic Studies for their personal collection.

According to Mufti Said Ismagoliv, the sacrificial animals whose meat was distributed at RAMU “Umma” mosques and Islamic Centres were bought with donations from Ukrainian Muslims and their adherents from abroad. In particular, German Charitable Fund Muslimehelfen was one of the foreign donors, along with some private persons from richer countries who decided to fund sacrificial animals somewhere where their brothers and sisters in faith were poorer.

A wonderful thing happened this year as well: according to Mr.ismail Kady, Director of Kyiv ICC, some non-Muslims learned about the initiative of donating money for sacrificial animals whose meat was to be distributed among the poor, and asked if they could join just for the sake of making a good deed.

Sheikh Said called upon those of the receivers of meat packs who were Muslims (some needy non-Muslims, mostly IDPs, dot their packs as well) to remember to praise Allah who gives people opportunities to help one another.