Who are Muslims?

Muslims are people who are followers of Islam, which means they worship the One God, revere Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him, as the final Messenger of God, and Qur’an as the final holy Scripture. Muslims also believe in other Prophets and Messengers of God, and the Scriptures given to them: Jesus (yes, Jesus is a respected Prophet in Islam) and the Gospel, Moses and the Torah, David and the Psalms, Abraham and his sons Jacob and Isaak, Noah and others, peace be upon them all — back to Adam, who is considered both the first man on Earth and the first prophet. Muslims believe that all those prophets were sent with a mission in their respective epochs by the One God, who in Arabic is referred to as “Allah”.

As of today, there are about 1.2 — 1.6 billion Muslims on the Globe. Despite the popular misconception that “most Muslims are Arabs”, such an approach went out of date about 1400 years ago. Today, over 90% of the Global Muslims population is not Arab. Moreover, few people know that 10-15% of Arabs are actually Christians (and while their religious sermons are held in their native Arabic,  that often causes some confusion among tourists, — “how come they pray to Allah at a church?”).

Few people know that the world’s largest country where the majority of population is Muslim in Indonesia.