The Imam of Zaporizhia helps drug-dependent people to recover from their addiction



October 4, the first International Antidrug Association (IAA) opened a rehabilitation center in Zaporizhia. Police authorities, psychologists, doctors, clergy, including Imam Muhammad Mamutov from the Islamic Cultural Centre "Vira" were present at this institution opening. 

In his speech, Sheikh Mohammad spoke about the importance of faith to overcome the addiction, the attitude of Islam on drugs that hocus people’s minds. He wished persons-under-care, who are currently having a stint in the rehab center, self-possession, strength, genuine intention to have a drug-free life, and promised not to forget about the rehabilitees and support them in their struggle.

Few days later, on October 10, the imam kept his words, and visited again the centre. He delivered a lecture on "Combating addictions: Using the Potential for the Benefit and Control of Thoughts" - about human weaknesses, temptations, the need to "purify the heart" from negative aspirations, transforming the power of destructive addictions to God-pleasing deeds. He also referred to Imam Ibn Qaim's book, "Heart deeds," in which he proposes to transform the negative spirit aspirations into useful ones and to turn into reality not the best impulses in the form desired by Allah:

- Almighty Allah has made human weak. This weakness is not only about people’s needing something to survive in this world, but also about their weaknesses in the face of the addictions and temptations that surround them. Allah made people weak, but he did not leave them to swim down this dun’ya alone (life in this world. - Ed.). He gave His creations abilities and opportunities to withstand addictions so that they couldn’t capture their hearts. In other words, if a person follows certain instructions, he/she may become strong, overcome their addictions, and enter a paradise free of sins. Every human organ is subjected to challenges in this world. And there are addictions capable to kill the faithful. It is up to the individual to determine what his/her weakness is – and to be able to deal with it. Here you can use a medical approach: find the cause of the disease and then treat it. The main organ, which the addiction begins to spread from, is a heart. The intention is born in it - the beginning of every deed. No matter what sin, even what addiction, first of all a person should purify his heart.

In his book Heart Deeds, Imam Ibn Qaim proposes to turn the negative aspirations of the heart into useful ones and to put into the life not the best impulses in the form desired by Allah. <...> The right way to exercise the power of [sexual] passion is marriage. Loving to material things,and wealth can be transformed into the good: to spend these benefits for God-pleasing deeds, to please the Most High. If one feels happy from his/her high status, he/she can use their influence to obey Allah’s commands, to spread his religion, to help the oppressed people, support those in need, or weak people – it means by worship.

After the lecture, the Imam had a conversation with the rehabilitates, who eagerly asked questions. They wondered whether "spirit" and "soul" are the same concepts; what is a relation between "soul" and "heart"; how to educate the soul or purify the heart; in what way can person turn his/her damnatory weaknesses into motivation for good deeds; how to use the power of weaknesses or overcome driving to empty dreams ... .

Then, the Imam continued the conversation with center residents in a warm atmosphere with tea, but they still asked a lot of questions. The attendees were interested in the traditions and daily life of Muslims. Unfortunately, some questions showed misconceptions and stereotypes about the followers of Islam, but the Imam managed if not to destroy them, but to sow at least a thought into their hearts or a desire to find the truth.

According to Muhammad Mamutov, he and the activists of Zaporizhia ICC "Vira" will continue to assist the IAA’s rehabilitatees, in particular, the weekly visits have been already included in the schedule.

Meanwhile, the Zaporizhzhya Rehabilitation Centre of the International Antidrug Association called Muhammad Mamutov a "new friend" and expressed their gratitude for his time given, and the interesting lecture.