Cut in Fine Before Quarantine: Severodonetsk Muslims Planted 1200 trees



Severodonetsk Muslims opted to proceed with their participation in an All-Ukrainian Benefit “A Million Trees” on the threshold of quarantine instead of calling it off. They reasoned that working in the fresh air, away from other people, can harm nobody, so the Muslim Community Bismillah headed by Imam Temur Beridze planted 1200 nurselings across the area of 0.3 hectares.

According to Sheikh Temur, while lawless people are deforesting the country, law-obedient people are planting new trees. He promised that their community would take care of the nurselings, and that they are looking forward to participating in other ecological initiatives of their region as well.

On his Facebook page, the Imam thanked the organizers and the participants for the chance to join such a good cause.