Said Ismagilov is in the top 100 of the most influential Ukrainians



Said Ismagilov, Mufti of RAMU Umma, entered the top 100 list of the most influential Ukrainians. Sheikh Said is the 84th in the ranking recently posted by the Correspondent magazine. It is worth noting that the mufti became the only representative of Muslim clerics this year.

"It’s a bit of sudden that Correspondent magazine ranked me as high as 84 in the TOP-100 most influential persons of Ukraine. Thank you for the great trust! As always, I serve the Most High and the people of Ukraine! ” – commented out Mufti on his Facebook page.

Said Ismagilov has been ranked in the lists of the most influential people of the country since 2017. In 2018, he was in the rankings of the most influential Ukrainians by Correspondent, Focus, and New Time. This year, Sheikh Said reached the 84th for the first time.

Mufti of RAMU Umma is known for his open pro-Ukrainian stance. He publicly expresses his opinion on both Ukrainian and global topical issues. Sheikh Said does not hide his desire to consolidate the Islamic community of Ukraine as much as possible, and he is also a staunch proponent of Muslim civil and political activism.

Said Ismagilov is not only a spiritual leader, but also an Islamic scholar, and a public figure. He is one of the authors of two documents: the Charter of Muslims of Ukraine and the Social Concept of Ukrainian Muslims. Also, he is permanent initiator and participant of various inter-religious and inter-confessional dialogues.