Heartfelt Condolences for Victims of Terrorist Attacks in New Zealand and Their Families



Our heartfelt condolences go to New Zealand, where horrible crimes were carried out earlier today. 49 people have been shot dead and 48 injured in attacks at two mosques (6 km apart) during Friday prayers in Christchurch, the worst mass shooting in New Zealand’s history. The attackers also planted two explosives which were, thank God, safely deactivated and failed to increase the number of victims.

The terrorists were cruel enough to choose the timing around the Friday prayer, when all the mosques around the globe are packed full and people attend with their families, including babies and infants: they were evil enough to actually stream the attack online as if it were some video game!

Ukrainian Muslim communities share the shock and horror of the people of New Zealand, both our coherents and people of other religions, due to those terrible incidents. Something is very wrong with this world when places of worship of different religions are being attacked more and more frequently.

We offer our heartfelt condolences to those injured in these attacks and their families, and pray that the Lord grants Paradise for those who were killed. We also call upon all the Muslims to stay cool, as hard as it can be, and don’t do anything stupid like getting angry with Non-Muslims who had nothing to do with those crimes. There’s no such thing as corporative responsibility in Islam, and only the criminals are the one who should get the punishment - which we hope they do in both this world, and (given they don’t repent) in the Hereafter.

Religious Administration of Muslims of Ukraine “Umma”