Eid al-Adha at RAMU “Umma” Mosques: Festive Prayers Timing and the Mufti’s Advice or Celebrating at Home



Dear brothers and sisters in faith! Our congratulations upon the blessed Day of Arafat. Let us inform you about tomorrow’s festivities on the occasion of the great Muslim Holiday Eid al-Adha. The festive prayer will be held at 8:00 at most of the RAMU “Umma” mosques (except for Kharkiv ICC that is holding it at 7:30, and Severodonetsk ICC that is holding it at 8:30).

Please note that due to quarantine-time restrictions (enforced in both Ukraine and the Muslim World) and frequent local outbreacs of COVID-19, only men will be allowed at the festive prayers. We kindly ask women, children, and people from high-risk groups (like elderly people and people with chronic health disorders, regardless of your sex) to celebrate at home.

The decision to make the festive prayers adult men-only was made by RAMU “Umma” due to several reasons: first,  the men have a stronger canonical obligation for attending congregational prayers, and second, men are going to perform sacrifice after the prayer.

Dear brothers in faith planning to attend the congregation festive prayer! Please note that you have to abide by the quarantine rules enforced at all the RAMU “Umma” mosques and on their premises. Please make your ablution at home (you can do it in the yard of your mosque, of course, but it wouldn’t be as comfortable), wear a mask (so that it covers both your mouth and your noses and fits tight) that doesn’t have exhalation valve (for in that case in won’t protect people around you). While greeting one another, please refrain from shaking hands and hugging, and keep the social distance. Make sure to abide by directions from the imam and the staff of the mosque.

We kindly ask you to stay at home should you feel ill, or have even the slightest doubt in your good health, for knowingly communicating diseases is sinful enough, let alone doing so and resulting in someone’s passing away, God forbid.

We also kindly ask those celebrating at home to consider making this day special for your family. Allah Almighty communicated through His Messenger, peace and blessings be upon him, that the first 10 days of Dhul-Hijjah are the best days of the year, when good deeds are rewarded more. Let us never forget that! Today, in the Day of Arafah, those of us who can fast are fasting, but those of us who can’t still have the chance to get the same reward by feeding those fasting after sunset!

We call upon everyone to create a festive atmosphere in your homes, especially if you have young children, for they need to feel the festive vibes of this very special day! Tidy up and decorate your home, cook your family’s favorite dishes; if you can, prepare gifts for everyone (no matter how small and symbolic); prepare an interesting short story about this holiday and think of entertainments and pastimes the whole family can enjoy. Pray all five obligatory prayers together (and additional ones if you can), and do the adhkar together.

We have to pass this test from Allah with flying colors, and at the same time take care of safety for ourselves, our loved ones, and overall society.

Happy upcoming Eid al-Adha to us all! May God’s blessings forever be upon us!

Mufti Said Ismagilov