Ukrainian Muslims’ Military Chaplains join to drafting the Military Chaplaincy Law of Ukraine



Imams-chaplains of the Ukrainian Muslims’ Military Chaplains Directorate entered the work force of the Committee on National Security, Defense and Intelligence to draft the bill on the Military Chaplaincy.

The law, being developed for several years, aims to support the Armed Forces of Ukraine and other institutes with the spiritual mentors’ service that will increase chaplains’ performance efficiency and contribute to the military personnel’s efforts.

As you know, since the war has begun in eastern Ukraine, the RAMU "Ummah" launched an institution, the Ukrainian Muslims’ Military Chaplains, headed by Imam Serhii (Murad) Putylin. It was commissioned to assist Islam followers in the ranks of the Armed Forces, the National Guard of Ukraine, volunteer battalions, the State Border Service, other words, those Muslims who defend the Motherland.

Within development of Military Chaplaincy law, we are trying to officially and documentarily enact the legal, organisational and financial foundations of the military chaplains’ service,” says Murad Putylin. 

Said Ismagilov , RAMU "Ummah" mufti and the chaplain, once said, the imams-chaplains’ effectiveness is promoted by close cooperation with Christian chaplains who know all the necessary information and help Muslims’ spiritual mentors in every possible way.