RAMU “Umma” Building Connections With Indonesian “Muhammadiyah”



On 2 March, RAMU “Umma” delegates headed by Mufti Said Ismagilov in terms of their official trip to Indonesia visited the country’s biggest Muslim organisation called Muhammadiyah. The union is famous for their educational programmes, charity and social work.

The parties exchanged memorable gifts, and another decorative enamel platter by a famous Crimean Tatar ceramist Rustem Skybin found a new home in Indonesia.

According to the Head of Muhammadiyah, Sheikh Haedar Nashir, the Organisation runs thousands of schools, mosques, hospitals, kindergartens, as well as hundreds of Universities, and has plenty of charitable programs (with some of them abroad). Those aren’t state institutions, but private institutions funded by the Muslims’ charitable donations.

Special attention is paid to promoting women’s education and careers. Women are very active in Indonesia, and hold the high State offices (there are, for instance, many female MPs) and in businesses while staying true to their Muslim faith.